Discover the Krämer Motorcycles Model Range

2023 03 23 PBK 29520

From the entry-level model to the ultimate lightweight racing machine: Krämer Motorcycles can do it all. Started in 2009 as a team of 3 racing-mad KTM employees (Markus Krämer, Christof Henco and Nico Rothe), "Krämer Motorcycles GmbH" was officially founded in 2014. Since then, the 2009 HRK EVO1 has been further developed, optimized and diversified over the years. The basic concept of the lightweight race bike with the main focus on fun, cornering speed and low wear is now in the form of three race bike models in the Krämer Motorcycles range: the Krämer EVO2-690S, the Krämer EVO2-690R and the Krämer GP2-890R. 

By the way, the motorcycles are built in the KMC Factory, which is still located in Töging am Inn in Bavaria until 2023 - but in the course of this year, the entire production as well as the offices of Krämer Motorcycles will move to Burghausen in the new KMC building. Larger, more modern, room to grow - this is the new home of the former garage project of Markus Krämer and two friends.

(Cover Photo: Benny Kätzmer)